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• Senyawa "Rehearsal 2019" Cassette

RM 35.00

YELLOW color cassette with obi strip, outer cardsleeve

Rully-Wukir presents nuances of fear of something unknown, something of a different dimension. Session 6 November 2019, by no means the entrance to the discovery of the mystery of Senyawa. The session placed the listener in another mystery space. Air, Gaib, Hadirlah Suci, Bekal Ilmu, Putra Ombak, Di Kala Sudah, Segala, dan Kap Tanoh, are the eight signs and foundation for what Senyawa will build in the future. Omens in the dressing of sounds and spells. ⁣

8 tracks clouds the ‘Rehearsal Session 2019’CD. Recorded live during rehearsal session at Senyawa Studio.