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• Anti-Police Terror Compilation 2LP + Zine

RM 208.00

Mental Crash Records

*Mind the price. This is a limited edition double LP compilatoin that come with thick paper zine.

Mental Crash Records is excited to announce our newest release-- Anti-Police Terror: Global Noise Revolt--  a double LP compilation + 42 page info & art zine.

Limited qty. 450, featuring punk bands from around the world (Our favorites will be Sex Dwarf (Sweden), Toom and Boot Boys (Japan), Lai (Australia), Zyfilis (Sweden), SS/Block (Malaysia),  in the fight against injustice and police brutality. All proceeds from this release will be donated to the Anti Police-Terror Project located in Oakland, California. The proceeds raised will help fund MH first a cutting-edge new model for non-police response for mental health crises. This is vital work within BIPOC communities. We hope to raise as much funding as possible for them!

Featured Bands >> 
*Link to band's Bandcamp page.

  1. Lai (Australia)
  2. Sex Dwarf (Sweden)
  3. Irreal (Spain)
  4. Grosero (USA)
  5. Deformation Quadric (Japan)
  6. Frantic (USA)
  7. Phane (Canada)
  8. Further Charges (Russia)
  9. Tom and Boot Boys (Japan)
  10. Deseos Primitivos (USA)
  11. Zyfilis (Sweden)
  12. Holehog (USA)
  13. Maldita (Canada)
  14. SS/block (Malaysia)
  15. B.E.T.O.E (Brazil)
  16. Varukers (UK)
  17. Ultra Razzia (Canada)
  18. Mano Fico (USA)
  19. Burial Order (USA)
  20. Life (Japan)