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• Moderat Lividikation "Discography" CD

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Have you seen the prices of what people are paying on Ebay for old records these days? It’s insane. I’m not sure what the prices are for early ‘80s Swedish punk, but I know it definitely is out of my price range. This is a complete discography of their first 7” and two cassettes that were reissued as three 7”s and a special wood box set of the same records that sold out super quick. This is early ‘80s Swedish punk that is raw and powerful at the same time: a sound that can’t be replicated in the modern age of digital recording. I remember when my brother started getting records from all over the world and hearing what was out there. You can hear that there were punks all over the world who were as pissed as we were. But you can hear that they were not copying; they were doing it their own way. Many others have said it before, but I am grateful that people are reissuing so many of these gems that could be lost in the hands of the collectors. If this interests you, I also suggest tracking down a copy of the three-CD set titled Varning for Punk. It is like a history lesson of early ‘80s Swedish punk compiling material from over forty bands. –Donofthedead (Havoc)