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• Impure "Satan’s Eclipse” CD

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Released in jewel case with 8-page booklet. Limited to 1000 copies.

Price Slash!

Black/Death band from Saint Louis, MO. Oozing evil as soon as it starts, it’s like playing with a Ouija board and Satan himself talking through it. “Death Secretion” hits the ominous notes to open this up, adding to the anxiety straight into a filth filled old school bathtub full of riffs and underground production techniques, giving this an authentic sound that no one is pulling off better than these guys at the moment. The production is by far one of my favourite things about this. Tracked at Moonlight Mile Studios in New Jersey and produced by Fred Estby (Dismember) everyone should just start like this duo when recording and give us this sound that we so desperately need in this time of the ‘staleness’ some might say of the new wave of Death Metal going around.