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• Biofeedback "Karamihan Ng Tao Ay Pu" 7"

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This influential D.I.Y. 90's H.C. band (composed of Rey, Andreas, Honesto & Cid +) forever changed the local scene w/ their diverse H.C. style, wild live gig antics and intense thought-provoking lyrics.

BIOFEEDBACK released a full length (twelve songs) cassette tape album "HARDTIMES" which they co-produced with Mutilated Noise Records way back in 1994, most of the songs dwelled into Frat-gang mindset, corruption (relevant then and still is today),greed and materialism, rejection, also the most notable track in Filipino is "Lasenggo Gago" (anti-Stupid Drunkard song) in which Ivan Brun-Bortot of the French HC band Coche Bomba commented as ""sounds like a pissed off Rapper on meth, intense..". They were also included in other local HardCore / Punk compilation tapes in the decade of the 90's.

Despite the fact that the band short musical career in the Philippine DIY HC/Punk scene, they left a mark that made other local bands like Beauty of the Doubt,  Choco Cocoi,FEUD, Isvarah, Piledriver, Skrewheds (to name a few) cover theirs songs in their gigs & respective albums.

A somewhat legacy of their songs in  7" Vinyl record is in the works which also be a fitting tribute to the late drummer CID(RIP).