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• 偏執症者 Paranoid "Cover of the Month" LP

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Svart Records

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Limited one-time pressing of 1000 pcs.

After the wildly successful debut full length album Satyagraha (2015) the Swedish d-beat punks embarked upon a 12-month project, with one new cover track appearing on the band’s Youtube channel each month. The results were also released as a limited tape edition, and now it is time to put this concoction of old-school true metal and raw hardcore crust on vinyl. This is a one-time pressing of 1000 copies and it comes with a gigantic poster and a 6 page insert.

Check the band’s presentation of all tracks on the album plus more info here:

“Cover of the month”
Jan. [1] – Into the crypts of Rays (Celtic Frost)
Feb. [2] – Punk is love (Pisschrist)
March [3] – Don’t really care (The Exploited)
April [4] – 2 Skott (Strebers)
May [5] – Bloodthirsty system (State Of Fear)
June [6] – Krossad dröm (Acursed)
July [7] – Day of reckoning ((Pentagram)
Aug. [8] – Skallra för döden (Totalitär)
Sep. [9] – Natsit ja kommunisti (Kaaos)
Oct. [10] – Arise (Sepultura)
Nov. [11] – Too old too cold (Darkthrone)
Dec. [12] – Criminal trap (Anti-Cimex)