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• Backlash "Life In A Bigger Prison" CD

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Are you also missing the good old days of Crossover, when this term was used for bands like D.R.I., ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT or LUDICHRIST? When there seemed to be no speed limit? When music was really fuckin' fast? Then this one is for you! BACKLASH from Singapore play a fine mix of stop-and-go Hardcore and fast Thrash Metal on their debut EP “Life In A Bigger Prison”. 15 Songs in 15 minutes - playing fast means not wasting time, you know! And they thrash in a way I just feel young again, like, well, 17 or so... This throwback in my youth is pretty much a joy, believe me! The lyrics are full of “Fuck yous!” and “Die you fuckin' whatevers!”, the speed is as variable as possible and the musical qualities... Well, who cares about that anyway, as long as the speed is high enough? No, honestly... Of course BACKLASH know how to play, for sure! Otherwise they wouldn't be able to deliver bombshells like 'White Collar Scum', 'Snuff Film On Repeat' or the rather long and pretty rocking 'Church Pig'. To make it short: BACKLASH have put out a fine first sign of life