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• Bangkutaman "Ode Buat Kota" CD

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After playing music together for more than 10 years, classic-pop act Bangkutaman (Park Bench) are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The trio, consisting of vocalist and bassist Wahyu Nugroho, better known as Acum, guitarist J. Irwin and drummer Dedyk Arianto, have certainly paid their dues in the indie music scene.

The release of their album, “Ode Buat Kota” (“Ode to the City”) was a commercial and critical success. The album sees the band’s long-standing love of British-infused pop evolve into something grander and commercially accessible without sounding like it’s trying to do so.

Catchy melodies, backed by the band’s characteristic ’60s arrangements, make up most of the album. Thematically, lyrics about the plights and pleasures of living in Jakarta hold the record together.