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• Bonecrutch "Triumph Or Tragedy?" Cassette

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CLEAR cassette with jewel case version

2nd EP from Indonesian raging barbaric noize d-beat punk. After a hellish debut EP, "Self Titled", BONECRUTCH is back with another noise DISCLOSE-beat orchestra. This time, is hell lot noizier than before! A more refined noize attack, you'll be expecting Disclose's Tragedy era to Giftgasattack manic releeases era to early Lebenden Toten from this release. Clearly these punks been toying with their effects and mastered the art of noize!!! A total eargasm to those who worship noize but still want to maintain its ragingness and punk-as-fuck mentality. 9 new songs and one ANTI CIMEX cover, "Scandinavian Jawbreaker".