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• Deiphago "Anthology : EP AND SPLITS (2006-2012)" CD

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Kvlt War Bestial Black Metal formed in 1990, Phillipin.
Including demo, EP, split, comp songs in 2006 ~ 2012. Collection album

1990 It was formed in the Philippines in the year, and it is the Asian war Beschal Black Metal, DEIPHAGO, which has moved its base to Costa Rica.
"War Beschal Black Metal Guidebook" was published and War Beschal Black Metal has finally gained recognition in Japan as well, such as SARCOFAGO, BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT.  I play a noisy sound in the grinding that was influenced by SARCOFAGO from the early 90's. A collection album will be released that collects demos, EPs, split sound sources, etc. released between 2006 and 2012 in commemoration of the tour to Japan in 2017.  Destroy all over the boundaries of Death Metal, Black Metal, and Grind Core genres. Bombing evil metal sound !!  All 16 songs, limited to 1000.

Demo 2006-self released
01 Death to Everything
02 Rapeslay of the Virgin Mary
03 Sacrifice for Satan

Satan Cult Baphomet-7 "EP (Morbid Moon Records 2008) 
04 Intro: Pestilence
05 Satan Cult Baphomet
06 Sadistic Ritual
07 FOMBM (Fuck Off Melodic Black Metal) (Sarcofago cover)

Unreleased track
08 Heavenly Father (Profanatica cover)

Beer Extermination Camp LP (Iron Bonehead Productions / Goat Kult Symphonies 2011)
09 Sex, Drinks & Metal (Sarcofago cover)

XCIII-7 "EP (Hells Headbangers Records 2011)
10 Intro: Damnation
11 Backmask Prayer
12 Hail Mary Inanna

Excharge-Split 7 "With Nuclearhammer (Chalice of Blood Angel Productions 2011)
13 Punk's Not Dead (The Exploited cover)
14 Sex and Violence (The Exploited cover)

Accept the Mark-Split CD with Ritual Combat (Red Stream 2012)
15 Beast of Annihilation
16 The Last Slaughter (Sarcofago cover)