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• ELMU HISAB - Ademonstration T-Shirt

RM 55.00

BLACK color t-shirt with Derhaka tag

Elmu Hisab delivered sludgy, meaty and abrasive guitar tone, consistently grooves with dark and dreary guitar melody carve into expansive song progression and arrangements while maintaning their sense of personal creativity and the ability to adapt into creation.

Displaying distinct exploratory-in crafting pieces through imagination and expression as patterns. Complex, blistering punch dive in sonic-space-muddy textures as hypnoticaly consumed by the depth-gloomier sensation. An introduction-to pull some afford down in following their passion and interests through an innovative approach on the wider range of contents which blend effortlessly- Into the pulse of experimental, loud-spacey-rock and genre-mashing hardcore,punk and noise rock appearances, in similar to their influcential base, in reverance of prestige innovators - AmRep, Touch and Go and Hydra Head gems in honing their craft.