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• Gore Slust "Divisi Panji Merah" CD

RM 30.00

This is Goresluts second album after produced an EP, involved in a split 4 band and the first album in 2009. 11 tracks mixture of death metal, goregrind and grindcore cocktails rumbling on and off throughout this CD with erocticizing gore syndicate modus. Their recipe of deathgrind blended well with vocalist's low growl, guttural and high pitch screams vocal styles definitely finds thousand ways to rip your face off, semi-digest it and regurgitate the pieces, then resemble them in a magnificent unrecognizable mess.

Once was an active band with prominent fixtures in local shows, this album recognized as Goresluts effort in creating the best work to date in line of the standard and legacy they had as one of the best grindcore act it's kind in Malaysia.