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• INDRA MENUS - PEKAK! : Skena Eksperimental Di Asia Tenggara Dan Jepang Book

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This book is about the experimental noise scene in different regions with it's various resistance spirit and passion respectively, co-exist with it's out-of-world performances within the (popular) art/culture spaces. Without being trap in the radar, these various scenes bonded strongly to each other via a solid network in international scale.

Through the journey and experiences of the writer, Indra Menus, a prominent figure of the experimental noise scene in Indonesia (based in Jogjakarta), he went through the waves of Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Japan experimental noise scene and he dived into it with interviews and documentations, on the perspectives of how the experimental noise practitioners/gig organisers/record labels/venue personnels/collective/individuals labour their love into their experimental works and worked their way around it to empower their daily lives.