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• Inmates "Self-Titled" LP

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Painkiller is proud to present this sequel to one of their favorite records they ever released, picking up where their last 7" was headed with a little more influence from bands like Systematic Death and Lipcream, while still bringing that unmistakable Clevo crunch via members of basically every band from Cleveland since the 90s, including (but not limited to): H-100s, Cider, 9 Shocks Terror, Darvocets, The Guns(!), False Hope, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, Integrity, In Cold Blood, Keelhaul, Annihilation Time, Flyin' Trichecos, Brainwashed Youth, Bowel, Hiroshima Pigsmash, Party Plates, The Ruiners, Gag Reflex, Bomb Builder, Wetbrain, Diehard, and of course... Mean Streak. But first and foremost this is an Inmates record which means raw, bile-spitting hardcore punk, played by a group of lifers that are aging like the finest of wines. 

Featuring member of Integrity, Gag Reflex, H-100, In Cold Blood etc