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• Janggut Naga 'Self Titled" CD

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This band is a side project of personneland former personnel ofGodless Sympthoms, Mortir,Deugalih & Folks, Terapi Urine,70s Orgasm Club, Serigala Jahanam,MellonYellow, and Bandung Inikami Orcheska.  Janggut Naga was established in 2007,had recorded a demo that year, performedat five / six gigs, and disbanded in 2010.And in 2018, Janggut Naga finally releasedtheir debut album after 11 years!

The self title is a compilation album fromJanggut Naga; contains two old demosby them which were recorded in 2007,four new recorded songs, one live acousticsong, and documentation of theirthree years (2007-2010).