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• Logic Lost "Forgive Yourself" CD

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On his new album, Jakarta-based electronic musician Dylan Amirio looks inward for inspiration. While his 2015 debut Runaway established a sound that mixed various types of electronica with a melancholy aesthetic, his new album Forgive Yourself is a more-thematic collection of songs, both emotionally and musically.Again using the musical moniker of Logic Lost, Dylan dives deep into his psyche for the album, finding it a place filled with plenty of emotional baggage and ramifications. It is an album filled with empathy and honesty, and is clearly a stronger record than its predecessor.The music follows suit, in an optimistic way. Melodies still roam within a bittersweet landscape but the textures feel more uplifting, with soaring moments in the synthesizer works and vocal choices. They go through areas that feel cinematic and more visually evocative, with pulses of electronic beats playing...