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• Matajiwa"Alam Racikan" CD

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Matajiwa would gracefully dive into it with equilibrium and life. Spiritual wealth. They write songs for their sacred benediction, and we are to religiously embrace it with wide open eyes and soul.

In this album, Matajiwa give a different nuances from the previous album "1" without getting out of the thread of their music color. With a touch of rock music that is more vicious, Alam Racikan album contained 8 songs including the single “Racikan Alam Raya”. Through this album, Matajiwa tried to get out of their comfort zone in the way they write the songs. All musical compositions and whole instruments are played by Reza Achman and Anda Perdana. From various musical instruments such as rebana, penting, piano in the process of recording the album. The album "Alam Racikan" is recorded live at SAE Jakarta studio.