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• Peter Brown "Blues" CD

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Self Released

Peter Brown was first drawn to the blues in the 1950s on hearing a Leadbelly album at a party. He became friends with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason at school, was inspired by 60s folkies Bob Dylan and Donovan, released a clutch of folk-inspired albums in London in the 70s and 80s. He later moved to Malaysia with his wife Markiza, where he has been making music ever since, (also part Soft Touch) while giving moral support to younger musicians trying to get a start in a crowded-market local music scene.

Blues stands out from the rest of his albums, is the employment of an exceptional band of musicians and musical guests, notably Kevin Theseira, Rithan Vijay, Theo Graham-Brown, Paul Millot (hey, remember Paul’s Place?), Zalila Lee, Julian Mokhtar, N. Rama Lohan, and wife Markiza (who plays keyboards and provides backing vocals). Khai Bahar (known for directing such quirks as Relationship Status and recently, Cuak) engineers the album as well as lends a few guitar riffs and chords.