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• Radiogravity Lamepost "Sons Of Jammers : The Jammersons OST" CD

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CD with jewel case version

Garage/alternative rock band hailed from Kuching. Prior to this album that was recorded back in 2009, they emerged champion of Bandkuest 2005. The concept of this album was about The Jammersons, a fictional band in Kuching, Sarawak that often seen as an underdog and overlooked because of their neurotic behavior and automatic sarcasm.  They also contributed a track for the Tales Of The Insomniac : Raksasa Compilation cassette with the likes of Carburetor Dung, Keladak, The Fridays, Astreal, Couple, Nice Stupid Playground, Evert, Azmyl Yunor, The Oddfellows, Sunday Workers, The Mahajarah Commission, Mystery Tapes, The Panda Head Curry?, Free Deserters, Ferns, Civil Disorder, The Drives and Swampy Zombie Fever. The whole album consisted of 25 tracks: 3 bonus tracks & 2 hidden tracks.