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• Sabbat "Bloody Countess" 3CD

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3xCD with thick digibook version
Limited to 666 copies

SABBAT maniacs! SABBAT from Japan was and still is the leather clad, sword toting, cave dwelling Asian answer to the first wave of ’80s black metal… they stand above all the others heavy metal bands of their time in terms of savagery, relentless riffage, and demonically catchy blackened metal thrash… A blistering and blasphemous assault containing their early demo material, unreleased early recordings, rare rehearsals and live cuts, and the pre-SABBAT band, EVIL! This is a must-have release to complete your collection! 48 songs in total!!

Compilation that contains Sabbat's early demo material, rare rehearsals, unreleased recordings and live recordings from 1984-86, including the pre-Sabbat band recordings, when they were called Evil.

CD 1:
01-08: Recorded in 1985-1986, published as "Bloody Countess" demo 1989
09-13: Recorded at S.K. Studio 1986
14-16: Recorded at Asai Cleaning Studio 1985
CD 2:
01-03: Recorded at S.K. Studio 1986
04-05: Recorded at S.K. Studio 1987
06-07: Live at Geion Theatre, Nagoya 04-11-1984
08-10: Live at Kuwana Public Hakk 1985 or 1986
11-12: Live at Yanta Rockmayhem 1987
13-18: Rehearsal 1983 (as EVIL)
CD 3:
01-06: Live at Freaks, Ohmiya 24-11-1986
07-14: Live at Geion Gekijo, Nagoya 13-08-1987