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• Sauts Alastor "Celestial Odium Diaboli" CD

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Digipack version

Finally the wait is over. 20 years after The Grand Executor EP, a debut fullength album soon to be unleashed. Digipak CD with 8 new tracks recorded in KL and mastered by Enormous Door Mastering USA (Darkthrone Old Star/Aura Noir/Mork/Knusta Ruter/Akrasia, Summon The Crows, etc...) presented with 16 pages booklet with dark majestic paintings and artworks exclusively spawned for this release. Sauts Monastery remains still ; among the ashes of fallen ancient temples. Agios O Baphomet!

...with the baying of the ghostly wolves and through the fog-stricken night arise "Sauts Alastor" with their new incantation spelled "Celestial Odium Diaboli"...a journey through blackness,awe, worship, fright and yourself to Sauts Alastor and feel the fangs of doom and malaise creep up behind you, biting and dragging you into the void....