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• Skits "But No" CD

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From the remnants of former bands comes SKITS, a new Malaysian musical venture with not-so-new members: Brendan Teh on guitars, effects and samples, Eric Wong on bass, Phang on synth, and Rashaad Ali on drums.

What began as project jam sessions evolved into full, solid collaboration, and now, SKITS and Payola Records proudly present our debut album, ‘BUT NO’. Recorded LIVE over three days at Live Fact, KL, the 10 track collection is the culmination of our jams, compositions and experimentations since 2015. ‘BUT NO’ is a genre-bending instrumental album with 8 original tracks + 1 cover, and ends with a tribute to Malaysian giant, Butterfingers – our humble rendition of Viopipe.

Some called us ‘post-rock’, while gig organizers have billed us ‘post-colonial’, ‘experimental’ or just plain ‘original’. Whatever the label or description, SKITS ‘BUT NO’ offers a bit of something for everyone. From mischievous punky jams, sprawling sonic-scapes, to jumpy, dancey indie tunes and trip-out remunerations laced with audio samples of our local past and collective cultural influences.