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• Tikus Atap "Into Da Track!" CD / USB

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Back in the day, they often filled up the after-show slots of small gigs/festival. An electronic music project based in Yogyakarta by Zachand RuRu with experimental/electronic dangdut music (E.D.M)/mild-gabber influence providing 'feel-good vibe' music to the crowd were notoriously addictable. 10 danceable tracks taken on humor and satirical subject and few collaboration tracks with Cici Klencik and Terranova of Anjing Dub, made up into this Into Da Tracks! release. This release also available in 8gb USB format (few 32gb USBs were randomly fit into this version of release) that are full-color printed back & front and enclosed in plastic housing.

For CD and USB release, each package comes with a Tikus Atap 3D poster/3D glasses and sticker (additional notebook & patch for USB release).