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• Ulcerous Phlegm "Phlegm As A Last Consequence" Cassette

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Discography tape featuring Ulcerous Phlegm’s two classic EPs, as well as live and rehearsal stuff, and one previously-unreleased studio track.Featuring the longtime sold out EPs and unreleased studio/rehearsal/live-stuff in a rough, straight and always powerful sound. This is the final statement of the Bavarian pioneers in grindcore and deathmetal, who rocked the noisy underground scene from 1989 till 1993. Ulcerous Phlegm had a lot of live shows with other "newcomers" like Carcass, Atrocity, Pungent Stench, Gut, Fleshcrawl, Disastrous Murmur, Pyogenesis, ... and this album is your ticket back into these exciting years. But be warned: you have to take the CONSEQUENCEs!