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• V/A - Speed Freaks : Malaysian Thrash Metal Compilation CD

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Jewel Case version

"SPEED FREAKS" is a rip-roaring compilation of 10 thrash bands from Malaysia. This 18 songs thrashing thrill-ride includes a new song from the mighty Athotorgh, which was recorded specifically for this release. This high adrenaline thrash-bangers release will turn your necks to mush and your hands tied in knots from all the "air-guitaring" that you will definitely be doing...If you are feeling down and in need for some good dose of the ol' thrash metal, then "SPEED FREAKS" is your antidote....

The bands compiled in this compilation are as follows :-
Exothermix/Verminator/Hereafter/Central Disposal/Sarjan Hassan/Atomicdeath/Thrashit/Tormentor/Antacid/Athotorgh