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• 24 Reasons "Why They're Starving While Others Gain Billions"7"

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Basement Records

White sleeve with white vinyl. Released in 1996 / Reissue in 2013 to celebrate theRecord Store Day 19th April 2014.

24 Reasons was among the vital band that appear in the heyday of the 90s mtv-indie to spark the great side of DIY ethos in the underground scene. 24 Reason are a Hardcore band, promoting political message, aligned with the rooster of labels like Flat Earth, Profane Existence and other DIY records label that shape and can be recall as a glorious and most active time of the Political Punk movement. Beside the music stand tall with NYHC , Sick of it All influence and other form of various Hardcore sound that ushered during the 90s

This EP is recorded and releasd in 1996 but had been put back by Basement Records in 2013.
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