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• Agathocles / Death to All Polititcians Split Cassette

RM 20.00

Shitresist Records

Grindcore / mincecore pioneers from Belgium, AGATHOCLES team up with the impassioned noisecore unit from Malaysia, DEATH TO ALL POLITICIANS (DxTxAxP) for this gripping split release.

Side A consists of 13 live tracks of pure mincecore classics from AGATHOCLES. Recorded in 2007 with their definitive lineup of Jan, Nils & Tony(RIP).

Side B contains DxTxAxP’s offering of 47 uncompromising noisecore protest traxx. Clocking in around 12 minutes is all it takes for some bona fide musical destruction.

Pressed on 100 copies containing a tasty six panel inlay with direct print to shell on solid yellow cassettes. Love noise..hate fascism!!!!