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• Alena Murang "Warrior" Cap (Biege)

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Self Released

Cap in Biege color (with Warrior Embroidary Logo on front and "Alena Murang" word at the back.
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Since her debut album Flight in 2016, sape' songstress Alena Murang brings a new sound in her eight-track album, Sky Songs. Inspired by the stories of her ancestors that lived in the skies and on Earth, the album is a journey of song through the cosmos; a song for the warriors that watch the mist rise on the morning of battle; a song of watching the clouds to tell of a good time to migrate; a song with lamentations of thunder and the moon. Produced byJoshua Maran.

1. Gitu’an  - 
2. We Watched The Clouds
3. Maya’
4. Warrior Spirit
5. Thunder & the Moon
6. Put Burui
7. Sunhat Song
8. Meno’ -