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• Bolt Thrower "War Master" CD

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Formed in 1986, Bolt Thrower were one of the first extreme metal bands that emerged from England. Their first releases, The Peel Sessions, In Battle There Is No Law and especially Realm of Chaos, helped in establishing Bold Thrower as one of the most respectable and distinctive extreme metal bands of the late ΄80s.

Keeping the same line-up as in their previous effort, Realm of Chaos, Bolt Thrower released their highly anticipated 3rd album, War Master in February 1991. Whereas grindcore textures were still the prevailing element in the band's previous album, War Master evolves naturally towards a more "classic" and refined death metal sound. However, the distinctive signature elements of previous records, namely Karl Willetts's powerful grunting vocals and the intense guitar riffs, remain intact.