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• Pre-order : Bunnyman: Post-War Kid to Post-Punk Guitarist of Echo and the Bunnymen Book

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Third Man

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Publisher : Third Man Books
Author : Will Sargeant
Page (Weight) : 336 pages (500g)
Dimension : 6" x 8.3" x 1"

An amusing reflection on his youth, Bunnyman is the true story of how Will Sergeant survived the 60s and 70s in Liverpool, England and made his way into the world of punk rock. With IRA bomb scares, Nazi skinheads, nuclear war fears, bread shortages and many other sinister elements lurking around every corner, Sergeant's childhood was rife with threatening elements and music was, if not a way out, at least a way through. Written in a humorous tone with self-deprecating wit, this story of how Sergeant found his way to music fame is a must read for historians of punk music and music in post-war England more broadly.