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86 pages included paperback cover

The tomb for old "skansk" Dodsmetall in the raw / rotting / putrid / morbid / obscure / stench / ugly ways of sound's and the gravedigger of DEATH METAL-Underground scene.

Started out in June 2013, this old school zine, plagued with all death metal profanities and sacrileges, has maintained it's filthiness and it's rawness with cut n paste and intentional jagged style, an ode and middle finger to the high-standard publications, serving as the pillars of DIY death metal tract.

This issue covers bands such as Engulfer, Necrorite, Graveyard Ghoul, Molder, Casket, Cryptworm, Huoripukki, Rotted, Rest, Nefarious, Mangler, Putrid Torso, Mekro Drunkz, Incinerated, Lack OF Sun and Torn Apart.