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• Emanation "Under Magnetic Sleep" 12"

RM 65.00

Black Mass Records

Rarely when contacted does a band offer me a reading list as long as the one I got from Spanish black metal act Emanation. Instead of pandering to typical “occult” leanings anybody could gain from a brief look at Crowley, LaVey, or even Lovecraft, Emanation’s inspiration from the spiritist thinkers stems from a well-researched hybrid of biology, theosophy, and philosophy. If you’ve ever wanted an album to examine the psychic realms, Emanation has created an interesting gem for you. Drawing on texts from brilliant minds such as Tesla, Kardec, Raudive, and many others, the amount of effort put into the lyrics and artistic aspirations alone make Emanation far more impressive than many of their similarly esoteric peers, but that’s just scratching the surface of this overwhelmingly dense MLP. - Review from their bandcamp