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• Military Shadow "Metal Punk Ironfist" LP

RM 110.00

F.O.A.D Records

Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies with OBI strip and foldout insert.

The return of the Metal/Punk iron fist! 6 brand new tracks from one of the most promising revelations in the current day Japanese underground inferno, a merciless armageddon made of scorching riffage and solos, vitriolic vocals all grinded into a venomous encounter between ’80s Speed Metal and Japanese Hardcore. As we previously described them: “A vicious orgy of metallic Hardcore savagery exploding through incendiary riffs, epic GISM-flavored solos and rabid vocals. A must have for fans of GISM, ZOUO, THE SEXUAL, G.A.T.E.S. and PARASITE!” One sided LP with insert and bonus postcard.

Tracklist :

METAL PUNK IRONFIST (2022 Version)    

A1. Metal Punk Ironfist
A2. Execution Day
A3. Night Of Violence
A4. Cult Of Insane
A5. Nocturnal Possession
A6. Fight After Fight

METAL PUNK IRONFIST (Original 2018 Recording)    

B1. Metal Punk Ironfist
B2. Execution Day
B3. Night Of Violence
B4. Cult Of Insane
B5. Nocturnal Possession
B6. Fight After Fight