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• Lion's Law "Cut The Rope" 7"

RM 42.00


White and Beer Half and Half color vinyl!

Lions Law needs virtually no introduction these days. They have redefined what it means to be integral to a scene. Swimming upstream against stereotypes and misconceptions, this staunchly anti-racist skinhead outfit from France is held in the highest regard across the globe for reasons that become incredibly clear with even just a little digging.

Their music and videos are always top notch, and unique enough to stand above much of what comes to pass in the world of Oi!/Streetpunk/Hardcore. To say this is a “crossover band“ would be an understatement. This is one band who can play on virtually any bill, and they will be damn sure to have fun doing it! The energy that they bring to the stage at every show, and the laughs that they bring to any room, encapsulate who this band is and why they will continue to be seen as a rising star in various genres.

To promote their upcoming full length and a slew of incredible tours, Pirates is proud to bring you these two brand new tracks, ready and waiting for you to scream along and spin around to.… And here’s just the start. We are about to really “cut the rope“ on a whole lot of new and exciting music, videos and tours for this unstoppable group of diehards. Just you wait...