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• Rot "Organic" CD

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To Live A Lie Records

CD format!
ORGANIC is the long-awaitied sixth studio album by Sao Paulo, Brazil's legendary grindcore band ROT. ROT has been on the scene for over thirty years producing some of the most extreme underground old-school grindcore. They were highly active in the scene in the early 90's producing fanzines and doing tape-trading and you can hear that old school DIY ethos in their first full length in the 2020's.

Expect twenty-five songs of purest unparalleled rage over the fastest twenty minutes you'll ever experience! Also featuring some very special guests such as: Helô Knup, João Gordo, and Karine Campanille. Amazing grindcore release and a must-have - that is why we did this North American pressing. This is the official USA glass-mastered CD and the insert folds out into a poster honoring the life of late bassist/vocals Alexandre "Bucho" Strambio who was taken too early from this world.