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• Spy "Habitual Offender" CD

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To Live a Lie Records

SPY’s Habitual Offender hits your head like the cracking sound that a bat makes. Six aggressive stomping dirges light up the night’s street and leave the evil of humanity a burning cinder. Political, upfront, unapologetic, and remorseless – no room for fluff in the post-pandemic world. Tune into what Fox News will soon be calling a demon to look out for.

Second pressing on Orange Splatter.

**PLEASE NOTE ** - this release is a one-sided LP. One-sided LPs are more prone to warping than a standard double sided record. If your record player does not have the ability to adjust the tone arm to deal with a less flat record please do not order a copy of this. Replacement LPs will only be sent if an insane amount of warping has taken place due to heat or sun due to shipping and in the case you will need to make a USPS claim.

Bay Area hardcore contingent SPY kinda popped up out of nowhere in 2020 and took the scene by storm overnight following the release of their first EP, Service Weapon. With Habitual Offender, SPY is back with more of the vicious, mosh-friendly hardcore punk that endured them to so many people when they first popped up. The vocals spit bile in every discernable direction toward the listener, with the instrumentation serving to further pummel them. This record exudes pure, unrestrained hatred from its first second to its last—it’s great! - Maximum Rock N Roll