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• V/A "Brats On the Beat: Ramones for Kids" CD

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Go-Kart Records

Are you a parent who is sick of listening to the horrendous sounds of Barney, The Wiggles and Raffi? Worry no more! Ramones for Kids is here with 13 blasts of sugar-coated pop tunes that will have your kids dancing and singing along with you!

The Ramones' timeless classics have been "kidified" by the Gabba Gabba Hey Singers. Each song features kids singing all the choruses and background parts. And we have assembled an amazing array of punk talent to sing the leads, including Jack Grisham (TSOL), John Feldman (Goldfinger), Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves), Nick Oliveri (Queens Of The Stone Age), Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag) and Josie Cotton (of the '80s hit "Johnny Are You Queer Boy").