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• PARÖTID / ZUDAS KRUST - Desire Of Destruction 7"

RM 25.00


BLACK or TURQUOISE color vinyl in limited quantity with slipcard version

A collaboration project between Jakarta's deafening hardcore punk stalwart Zudas Krust and Perlis's tumultuous bass & drum hardcore punk devotee Parötid, powered the magical kratom and intisari potions.

Hi-gain/fuzz distortion and intentional feedbacks,where speed noisy hardcore rags clashes withhard-hitting intense groovy beats, potioned oneaggravated and belligerent wall of noise aesthetic,immortalized forever in this 7” vinyl on 45 rpm,continuing the building of noisy structure thatwas put up upon, brick by brick by the fascinatingcrasher crust/hardcore punk warlords, past & present,since the 80’s, an unceasing progress preserving suchglorious legacy, a hardcore celebration across the border.