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• Hark it's a crawling Tar-Tar "Dorr Darr Gelap Communique" CD

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Grimloc Records

Review : 

Its quite sometimes for this to happen, and due to sufficent budget, we are able to release this great Bandung based Hardcore band that is active around 2006-2007 (short period). Hark! Its A Crawling Tar-only released one material under Thrash Steady Syndicate in CD format. They played the major-force of Dark Crust influence (the Scandinavian/Japanese hardcore style) , and throwing some Anthemic Youth Crew Sing-Along infused.

This CD had been properly re-mastered by Hamzah Kusbiyanto. Include 70 pages booklet that includes Liner Notes, Photos, Flyers, and other writings during their short existence.

Come with 42cm x 72 cm poster and Thick booklet.
Available in Bundle (inlcude CD + Shirt)