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• Submission Hold "Sackcloth and Ashes, the Ostrich Died on Monday" LP

RM 80.00

Ebullition Records

If you were impressed with Waiting For Another Monkey To Throw The First Brick then this new record will blow you away. The recording is top notch, and it really manages to capture the power, honesty, and sheer heart of Submission Hold. These eight songs continue the Submission Hold progression with even more complex, diverse, and yet very catchy songs; some fantastic material. The booklet once again features art, writings, and lyrics in English, German, Spanish and French. 

Both the LP and the CD come with a 40 page booklet.

Submission Hold continues to be Andy, Phil, Steve, and Jen.Jen and Andy's baby boy was delivered on September 1st, 2001. Jen did the entire birth at home, and she and the baby are doing good. His name is Samwise Danger thorpe.