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• Kylma Sota/ Ydintuho Split 7"

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This is a repress of the sold-out-in-10-minutes split 7". Originally released in the summer of 2012, the re-edition is on transparent red vinyl and is cut at 45 RPM for some added volume. RED VINYL 

"Fucking crap, I love KYLMÄ SOTA. If you like classic '80's Finnish HC with some straight up Japanese buzzing DISCLOSE-style guitars, this is your shit. This is fast and relentlessly driving with frightening vocals, this sound is familiar but still completely all consuming. The second track on this side will make you rip your face off. This split is worth picking up for their three tracks alone. The YDINTUHO side on this had a tough act to follow but this is good shit! This is fast as shit with similar sounds to their split mates, but a sound more true to old school RIISTETYT. The vocals have chaotic moments, the guitars are hook-laden and only veer into some squeals here and there and the drums are pummeling. This is a solid split, get it!" - Maximumrocknroll