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• Midhumans "Live Recording 1999 • Live On Stage 2016" Cassette

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CLEAR cassette with jewel case version

They been in STILL ONE, STILL PROUD compilation with the such likesthe Idiots, Ina Subs, Dead Germ, Total Destroy, SepticTank, Error Crew, Out Of Control, Kremlin, Overcast, Sexy Pigs, Dislike dan Cryptical Death. This compilation also became the forerunner to the establishment of Movement Records, where the compilation, became the first release for the record label based in South Jakarta.

As Midhumans engraved in the history of Jakarta punk, there's not much information could be gathered about the band. They could be included into the 2nd generation punk band (school of UK82 hardcore punk) from the mid of 90's (an era where political-conscious/crust punk starting making wave) through the Reformasi period and into the turn of the century. This release contains 10 tracks taken from their live recording back in 1999 and live performance recordings in 2016.