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• Rubella Ballet "Planet Punk" LP

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Rubella Ballet released their first single ‘Ballet Dance’ back in 1982 and also in the same year released their debut album, ‘Ballet Bag’, a creatively packaged cassette only album. They released a further two studio albums and four singles as well as various compilations. This is their first album of new material since 1986's ‘If’. Opening with ‘Planet Punk’ it’s immediately obvious that Rubella Ballet have dramatically altered their sound from that of their inception; we get a robust, propulsive cyber-punk backing whilst Zillah nails her colours to the day-glo wall, before vocal samples from 9/11 news reports open ‘All Potential Terrorists’ a savage critique of the US Administration version of events built around an insanely catchy semi industrial guitar riff, and multi-track vocals – the inspiration for the lyric stemming from as a chance meeting with two whistle-blowing MI5/6 agents who had been monitoring their political activities in the 80s and were now working with William Rodriguez, a caretaker at the twin towers who had dedicated his life to telling the world what he believed really happened during 9/11.