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• Pre-Order : Ryo Fukui "Scenery" LP

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Slow Boat Records/Lawson Entertainment

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Release date : 28th June 2024

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• New 2024 pressing  on red vinyl
• Long-awaited repress of this Japanese jazz album
• Comes with iconic Japanese obi-strip
• Limited edition

New reissue by Slow Boat/Lawson Ent on Black Vinyl. Ryo Fukui is a famous pianist born in Hokkaido. His fresh and delicate playing has attracted many listeners, and his first album, “Scenery”, has been highly acclaimed worldwide.

Fukui, who started playing piano at the age of 22, recorded this album at the age of 28. The earnest performance of his youthful days shakes the emotions of the listener in a pleasant way. The swinging “It Could Happen To You,” the exhilarating and joyful “Early Summer,” and the late-autumn night air of “Scenery” are just a few examples.