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• Impure "Damned..." 12"

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Formed in 2017 by Horned Father of Desecreation (vocals, drums & percussion) and Satyrannical Lord of Assault (guitars and bass), IMPURE’s merciless, arcane, Christ-crushing black metal is the primal antidote for this modern era of flaccid "extreme metal." Following very closely on the hooves of their debut LP and punishing 2018 demos, the 'Damned...' EP wrests two new macabre hymns from the abyss, "Damned In Eternity" and "Worship Them," which escalate the characteristic IMPURE brutality with even more confidence and ferocity than previous offerings. "Crush of Mystical Satanism" was engineered by Fred Estby (DISMEMBER) during the 'Satan’s Eclipse' sessions and provides listeners the perfect gateway into the band’s morbid sound. Their plodding rendition of SLAYER’s "Fight Til Death" serves as a violent testament to what IMPURE truly represents: "Respect and reverence for the past, using its knowledge to cull from the beyond and create our vision of unadulterated black metal." Presented on 12” 45rpm vinyl.