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• Pre-order : Paprika "Let's Kill Punk" LP

RM 113.00

Iron Lung Records

Pre-order by 5th May 2024

Black Vinyl

Do you ever sit in your room and just stare at the wall repeating a mantra to yourself? Because it’s all you can do to not totally wreck everything in sight? We do that too and most of the music that’s playing sounds like this PAPRIKA record. This is their mantra: “Destroying Shit… Ruining Lives…” To be repeated over and over while digesting this deliberately paced rampaging hardcore punk record. “Let’s Kill Punk”, with it’s massive sounding production, is all outward facing hostility projected larger than life onto you sorry public inhabitants. Creepy crawl to hell or die trying, punk.

Small amount of ltd edition color vinyl copies available while supplies last. First come, first serve.