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• Terrible Feelings "Impending Doom" 7"

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Deranged Records

There is a chance that this may be my new favorite band, which is a bold claim to make from a measly two song record. TERRIBLE FEELINGS, from Malmö, Sweden, sound like they are taking cues from THE WIPERS, GORILLA ANGREB, KNUGEN FALLER and BURNING KITCHEN while maintaining their own voice in the music. It’s difficult to write and produce a two song 45 that people will actually listen to more than a couple times, but this record has me flipping the thing over and over repeatedly because these two songs are both fucking amazing. “Impending Doom” hooks you in with the first staccato guitar chord and keeps your attention throughout the whole song. The lyrics are about losing your faith in just about everything and are so terribly bleak that I wanted to write a letter to the band to make sure they didn’t kill themselves immediately after recording this. On the flip side is “Death To Everyone”, which keeps the bad times rolling. The music is upbeat and poppy, but the lyrics are about complacency and forgetting about your dreams. There is musical interlude that sounds just like that part of that one GERMS song that says “I want out now!”. You can sing those lyrics along with this part and it fits in thematically but doesn’t detract one bit from the song! Clean guitars, steady drums and emotionally dark lyrics all combine to make you dance and feel like shit at the same time Listen to this and imagine living somewhere that only has five to six hours of daylight in the wintertime. This will definitely be one of my favorite records of the year and hopefully there will be enough bleak winter months over there to inspire a full LP. - Review by Greg on Maximum Rock N Roll.