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• V/A ORGANIZE! : Benefit Compilation For Community Empowerment CD

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The idea and enthusiasm was originally born from intense communication with a variety of consistent communities in Bandung to build the initiative and autonomy of citizens' activities. Grimloc Recs felt the importance of proclaiming the existence and various issues underlying their activities to this day. Inspired by the tradition of compilation born in Bandung, which also represents the spirit of its era, this format hopes to convey a similar message.

Twenty-one music groups from various styles and genres in Bandung responded to our invitation to participate, taking time to record their new songs that were never released before. For a full hour, the majority is filled with new bands that we consider worthy to be introduced to more listeners, besides of course they have been intersecting with us in the city of Bandung. In this compilation you will find hardcore punk from the classics such as those sung by Eyes of War, Come True and Pissed Off to those who are more adventurous like Wreck, Eviction, Wethepeople! until Tcukimay is affected by thrash. Various metals from thrash like The Cruel, modern like In Place of Hope, crossover represented by Godless Symptoms and abrasive and dark represented by Ametis, Muck and Alice to black metal like Qayin and Sacred Witch. Traditional punk raw is represented by Fucks and Contrastors, also several other bands such as Mud Reaper who play heavymetal, Fuzz Oh is grungy to hip hop represented by Eyefeelsix and Bars of Death.

The CD is also accompanied by a booklet containing articles on social, community and city change, as well as interviews with communities that have one common thread in terms of building participatory initiatives for city residents in a participatory manner, organizing and empowering communities through various means and media. All the benefits of this CD will later be dedicated to these efforts, besides of course the effort to proclaim what happened and is happening at the grassroots.


01. Qayin – The Evil Comes
02. Cometrue – Choose to Be
 03. Wreck – O’Heaven, I Am Bored!
04. Ametis – Anasthesia
05. Kontrasosial – Conquest
06. Tcukimay – Thrashpunk
07. Eyefeelsix – Kontradiksi
08. Eyes of War – Tegak Menantang
09. Godless Symptoms – Kita Membalas Tai
10. Sacred Witch – Antara Api dan Gelap
11. Pissed Off – Sangkuriang Kesiangan Dalam Membangun Kastil
12. The Cruel – Disorder Unleashed
13. Muck – Ritual
14. Mud Reaper – Dirt Bike Outcasts
15. Wethepeople! – Legeg Bersolek
16. Fuzz Oh – Hijau
17. In Place of Hope – Rising The Fallen
18. Alice – Senyawa
19. Bars of Death – Tak Ada Garuda di Dadaku
20. Keparat – Kesenjangan Sosial
21. Eviction – Terusir Dari Tanah Sendiri